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Found 17 results

  1. is this guide accurate? only ccm/koho are semi pro? everything else is a replica? nike/bauer even?
  2. C-Mag

    Does Anybody Know If?

    Does anybody know if and when they will be releasing Authentic Winter Classic & Authentic Centennial Classic jerseys? (2017)
  3. I'm looking to sell my Team Issue Colorado Avalanche Jersey Size 52 ASAP as I need it in a pinch!. I don't do shipping so only pick up in EDMONTON ALBERTA and cash only. I have also posted my add on kijiji. I acquired the jersey from Meigray a long time ago and you can see there they unstitched the Meigray tag. Airknit and it's a Reekbook jersey. PM or contact me through kijiji. http://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?requestSource=b&adId=1137644004 $100
  4. My wife is having a baby and it is time to clean out the closet. Free shipping to all lower 48 States, To Canadian Customers: add $20.00 Prices are flexible, make me an offer. First person to PM “I take it wins, best offer beats all”. Payment will be via Paypal, and shipping will be USPS priority mail. ---All Jerseys were stored in a climate controlled closet with no pets or smoking in the house!--- Edge 2.0 Mike Richards NWT ($180.00). 2. Edge 2.0 Blank ($150.00 each) I HAVE THREE OF THESE, all NWT 2. Eric Lindros Nike Authentic, Size 52 (note small stain) ($140.00) Excellent condition otherwise
  5. http://shop.nhl.com/Colorado_Avalanche_Jerseys/Mens_Colorado_Avalanche_Patrick_Roy_Mitchell_And_Ness_White_2000_-_01_Authentic_Home_Jersey It's a reproduction, so obviously it's got some details wrong. I already have a Sakic replica of this design, so I'll pass on this one. Regardless, I like to see these classic sweaters being acknowledged by and being available again by the NHL.
  6. Hey all, Two of my prized possessions are for sale. 1. $1250 SOLD. 2. Authentic Edge 2.0 7287 2012 Winter Classic, Philadelphia Flyers, Claude Giroux #28, Size 52 -- Prepared by Philly Express -- $450 OBO. Thanks again. If I don't see any responses, I'll likely post on eBay.
  7. Looking to give some of my items a new home. Need to gather some funds for another purchase. Serious offers only please, low ballers will be ignored. UPDATE: Brett Hull 75th anniversary TBTC 1992 All Star Jersey. He was MVP at this game. Size 52. $285 USD shipped to Canada. $295 USD shipped to USA. Gift payment in PayPal or add 3% for invoice. Willing to take offers, or maybe work something out for a BlackHawks TBTC barber pole, Leafs TBTC, Canadiens TBTC, Red Wings TBTC, or Rangers TBTC. Excellent condition. Numbers, letters and crests all look crisp.
  8. Does anyone know when they officially started selling jerseys as merchandise? I've seen some footage of late 80's/early 90's games with people in the stands wearing the teams' jerseys, but they could have started earlier than that.
  9. I recently picked up 7 jerseys at an estate sale with 4 being authentic. I picked up a Penguins, Nordiques, Sharks, and a 1992 All Star Game jersey..all with fight straps. The problem is that the original owner customized these jerseys with his name (Sutter) and number (23). I used a seam remover and took off the 23 from the Sharks jersey but the color tones are easily visible and you can see where the patch once was. How would you all go about this? Would you remove the patches or just leave them as is? Thanks, Ben
  10. New and improved Jersey sale featuring NHL and College authentic/replica sweaters. All prices are negotiable and will incur a $20 shipping fee to CAN and $10 to US. Jersey: 2000 NHL All-Star Game World Goalie Jersey Type: CCM Authentic Numbering: None, Blank Condition: Like New (never worn, no damage, never washed, perfect condition) Size: 56 Price: $100 US Jersey: 1996-1999 Chicago Blackhawks Away Jersey Type: Nike Replica Numbering: 7, Chris Chelios Condition: Like New (worn once, no damage, never washed, perfect condition) Size: 52 (XL) Price: $100 US Jersey: University of Minnesota Home Jersey Type: Zephyr Numbering: None, Blank Condition: Like New (worn once, no damage, never washed, perfect condition) Size: 44, but fits like a sized 52 old-style CCM jersey Price: $75 US Jersey: 1997-1998 San Jose Sharks Away Jersey Type: Nike Authentic Numbering: 11, Owen Nolan Condition: Like New (worn once, no damage, never washed, perfect condition) Size: 52 (XL) Price: $120 US - SOLD compliments of pastadutchie
  11. Hammyz

    Size Conversion?

    Sup guys. I have a few replica jerseys that i wear in a Large, it fits the way i like. I recently gathered the money to buy myself an authentic jersey but the sizing is different. What would the conversion from a Replica Large Toronto Maple Leafs jersey to a Authentic one be? Sorry if it was written somewhere else on the forum, i didn't find anything. EDIT: The authentic will be the Reebok Edge 2.0.
  12. Anyone know where I can order a Sarnia Sting (replica or authentic) jersey? Their own website directs to RiverCity Sports who don't have any Sarnia Sting merch available (WTF?!).
  13. Hey all, Sorta new to these boards, so I figured I would post my growing collection of Blue Jackets jerseys that I have. There are a few jerseys missing from this collection, and those are: -Game worn Mark Letestu 2011-2012 Third Jersey, no set tag -Retail Tyler Wright original home (white jersey) -Retail Rostislav Klesla original away (navy, #44) -Retail Rick Nash original third jersey Retail Authentic RJ Umberger Third Jersey, size 50, signed by RJ Game Worn 2010-2011 Ethan Moreau Home Jersey, 10th Anniversary, size 58 Game Worn 2012-2013 Opening Night James Wisniewski Home Jersey, size 56, signed by James Retail Authentic Jack Johnson Away Jersey, size 54, signed by Jeff Carter (funny story behind this) Retail Authentic Rick Nash Home Jersey, size 52, team signed
  14. Hi guys. Right off the bat, I want to say this is a great forum you all have put together here. There’s A LOT of useful information to be gleaned from this site for sure. That being said, I’m new to the forum and I apologize right away if this is posted in the wrong discussion. I have a few questions that I’m hoping some of you can weigh in on and hopefully point me in the right direction. Let me give just a little background. I won’t bore you with too much minutia of the details. I’ve been collecting the CCM Center Ice Authentic jerseys since about 1992. They were mostly mail order from Rivercity Sports in Toronto (I live in Minneapolis, MN). I bought 11 jerseys in total from Rivercity Sports before the 1st shift from the CCM embroidered/NHL Orange shield tail. I think I stopped collecting them when the NHL logo was changed to the familiar silver/black shield (circa. 1998-2000) used now. So these jerseys are what I’ve used to gauge ‘authenticity’ over the years. As I’m sure most of you know, you can look at the embroidered CCM/NHL shield and know for certain if it’s authentic or not. Well then the rise of the ‘Vintage’ jersey started appearing, and again, most of you probably know the subtle differences between Authentic and Vintage. Recently had the displeasure of purchasing, what I believe to be a fake jersey, from Ebay a road Quebec Nordiques that was touted as, “Quebec Nordiques Authentic not vintage CCM Jersey”, which in the seller’s listing he posted roughly 7 hi-res pics of the item in question. I was completely taken with the chance of finally getting the road Nordiques jersey that I failed to recognize some irregularities in the photos, which I’m still kicking myself for now. Basically, I asked the seller for a refund, to which he flatly refused. He then sent me a few follow up emails challenging me to prove that it was a fake. In one email he stated “I don't know that this is not a true Centre Ice Authentic CCM jersey. It's just your opinion that it is not. I have lots of these CCM hockey jerseys from the 1990's and I can't tell the difference.” Even with the admission of his lack of knowledge about the item; he maintained that it was all in my mind. My first question is discerning the difference between Authentic and Vintage. I know that CCM marketed a line of ‘Vintage’ defunct NHL team jerseys which I have never really had a lot of interest with. I kind of looked at them like the Mitchell & Ness of NHL but more affordable. So in my quest to confirm differences to what I believe is authentic vs. what I believe is fake; I have a few pics of my Authentic Center Ice Collection Quebec Nordiques purchased from Rivercity Sport in the ‘90s and pics of the so-called authentic I received from Ebay. Would some of you please weigh in with some opinions? Some of my photos aren’t that great, I apologize. The following images are home (white) authentic; road (blue) fake. Chest (Logo) Logo (Detail) Sleeve Cuff (Detail) One of the big tip-offs for me was how the cuffs where the colors change from white to blue are dyed on the authentic, but the cuffs are sewn on to the fake jersey. Hem Front (Detail) Another tip-off was the attached hemline also sewn on like the cuffs. The biggest tip-off comes from the CCM/NHL shield embroidery - On all of the CCMs I own, the embroidery penetrates both sides of the hemline not just the front. Hem Rear (Detail) I have since opened a case with Ebay about the seller advertising one thing and selling something else, to which Ebay has shifted the burden of proof to me. They have closed the case and exonerated the seller, stating that what he listed was what I got. Well in a sense that’s true, what he listed was what I got, but what he claimed is not what I got. I have appealed the case to Ebay, to which they have stated that I need to acquire, “documentation from the manufacturer of the brand name item or qualified third party stating that item you bought is not authentic. They must clearly describe how the item you received differs from an authentic item and how the person evaluating the item determined that it isn't authentic. If possible, the statement should include a serial number. In addition, it must be made on letterhead that includes the name, address, and phone number of the business. This allows us to contact them if we need more information.” Ebay has basically washed their hands of this leaving me with 10 days to prove my claim in order to secure a full refund from either the seller or Ebay, so I turn to this community for some advice on what steps that I could maybe take to prove this fraud. Hindsight is always 20/20, and there were some signs, looking at the posting now, that didn’t seem to pan out in terms of authenticity. The biggest deficiency in the seller’s photos was that he never showed a picture of the inside of the back hemline to show the CCM embroidery. I blame myself for overlooking that, but his other photos were convincing enough to sell this item. Does anybody have any suggestions on how I might secure some of this information for Ebay to refund me? Thanks for looking, and thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  15. Authentics for Sale 2/16 UPDATE - Added Red Wings Zetterberg Red 54 Edge 2.0, Canadiens Barber Pole 52 & 56, Sabres blue 56 Miller, Sabres blue 60 Vanek, Sabres white 56 Miller, Sabres white 56 Vanek. Many authentics on sale: 6100 or Edge, blank or player, team color or white, CCM/Koho/Nike/Pro Player/Reebok and so on. All are NHL teams except for an AHL Portland Pirates jersey. The list is in alphabetical order by local name, all-stars are at the bottom. Priority Mail for a two-pound jersey should cost about $6-12 in the US, about $26 to Canada. Please send me private messages (instead of posts) of your purchases and offers, shipping cost inquiries (I'll need your zip code), and any of your comments and questions. Click on the links to view pictures of each jersey. Authentic Buffalo Sabres Thomas Vanek #26 Blue Edge 60 Jersey - $130 Reebok Edge 1.0 2007-10 Lightly worn [front] [back] Authentic Buffalo Sabres Ryan Miller #30 White Edge 56 Jersey - $120 Reebok Edge 1.0 2007-10 Lightly worn [front] [back] Authentic Montreal Canadiens Red Edge 54 Jersey - HOLD Reebok Edge 7231 2011-13 Brand new with tags [front] Authentic Nashville Predators Blue 48 Jersey - $80 CCM 6100 Air-Knit 1999-00 NHL with 2000 patch included in bag Brand new with tags [front] Authentic AHL Portland Pirates Red Edge 2.0 54 Jersey - $85 Reebok Edge 2.0 2008-10, Buffalo Sabres shoulder patches Brand new with tags [front] Authentic 2000 All-Star World Goalie White 48 Jersey - $95 CCM 6100 Air-Knit 2000 Very lightly worn [front] Authentic 2009 All-Star East Zach Parise #9 Red 50 Jersey - $160 Reebok Edge 1.0 2009 Brand new with tags [front] [back] Authentic Anaheim Mighty Ducks Paul Kariya #9 C White 48 Jersey - SOLD Authentic Atlanta Thrashers Home Blue Edge 50 Jersey - SOLD Authentic Atlanta Thrashers Alt Red Edge 50 Jersey - SOLD Authentic Calgary Flames Jerome Iginla #12 C Red 56 Jersey - SOLD Authentic Chicago Blackhawks Jonathan Toews #19 C White Edge 52 Jersey - SOLD Authentic Buffalo Sabres Black 54 Jersey - SOLD Authentic Buffalo Sabres Ryan Miller #30 Blue Edge 56 Jersey - SOLD Authentic Buffalo Sabres Thomas Vanek #26 White Edge 56 Jersey - SOLD Authentic Colorado Avalanche Road Red/Blue 48 Jersey - SOLD Authentic Colorado Avalanche Alt Red 48 Jersey - SOLD Authentic Dallas Stars Eddie Belfour #20 White 48 Jersey - SOLD Authentic Detroit Red Wings Henrik Zetterberg #40 C Red Edge 2.0 54 Jersey - SOLD Authentic Edmonton Oilers Blue 52 Jersey - SOLD Authentic Minnesota Wild Green Edge 54 Jersey - SOLD Authentic Montreal Canadiens Centennial Barber Pole 52 Jersey - SOLD Authentic Montreal Canadiens Centennial Barber Pole 56 Jersey - HOLD Authentic New Jersey Devils White 48 Jersey - SOLD Authentic New York Islanders Blue Edge 2.0 52 Jersey - SOLD Authentic New York Rangers Jaromir Jagr #68 A Liberty 48 Jersey - SOLD Authentic Philadelphia Flyers Black Edge 2.0 52 Jersey - SOLD Authentic Pittsburgh Penguins Sidney Crosby #87 C 2011 Winter Classic Edge 52 Jersey - SOLD Authentic St. Louis Blues Craig Janney #15 White 48 Jersey - SOLD Authentic Tampa Bay Lightning Steven Stamkos #91 White Edge 50 Jersey - SOLD Authentic Vancouver Canucks Anson Carter #77 Blue 58 Jersey - SOLD Authentic Washington Capitals White Edge 58 Jersey - SOLD Authentic Washington Capitals Alex Ovechkin #8 C Red Edge 56 Jersey - SOLD Authentic Washington Capitals Olaf Kolzig #37 Black 48 Jersey - SOLD Authentic 2009 All-Star East Martin St. Louis #26 Red 50 Jersey - SOLD
  16. I'm looking for a NJ Devils RBK EDGE Authentic RETRO (xmas colored) Jersey preferably in size 52 - the kind worn by the players during the Devils' annual retro night. I've been searching high and low but have only found fakes.
  17. I am watching the KHL game between Moscow Dynamo and Lev Praha on ESPN. I was wondering if the Dynamo numbers and crest on the jersey are sublimated, screen printed, or sewn on the jersey this season. They are definitely using name plates but I'm not sure if the lettering is sublimated, sewn, or screen printed on the nameplate. Any information would be much appreciated.
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