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Found 7 results

  1. I'm trying to get a Griffins jersey customized with Larkin #25. Does anyone own a gamer from the era or know the size and layering style of the font they used? Thanks
  2. Hey all, Are commemorative patches done by the team customizers or by the teams equipment staff? I'm specifically interested in adding the Sharks 25 year patch to my Hertl Jersey I just got done by action spot. Looks as though the NHL centenniel patches are sticking around the rest of the season from what I've seen and I opted to not get front numbers on my jersey to match this years kits, but now that's only really relevant for a 3 month window now that the centennial patch has been added to the sleeve. I'd prefer the Sharks 25th over adding a centenniel to make it as authentic as can be, but enough rambling. Just wondering if I should be sending it back to action spot for the most accurate patch application.
  3. Hey just wanted to post an update of my Sharks jersey. Finally sent my black alternate to Action Spot for customization and the work came back awesome! Really happy with how it came out, turn around time was about 2 weeks and great customer service. If only Hertl would come back off IR here are pics https://m.imgur.com/a/7515L
  4. Whenever I get jerseys from customization the first thing is of course, checking how accurate the jersey turned out or if there are any recognizable errors. I for example living in Europe order my kits at EPS or Keener and get the stitching made over here by an old lovely lady who's really passionate with my wishes regarding getting everything stitched up. Some of her work is awesome and everything looks on point, but at times she does minor mistakes here and there. At first those "inaccurate" things really bother me and sometimes I bring stuff back to get it redone, but as soon as I see some old gamers from the 80ies and 90ies, it hits me, how bad those were done at times - crooked, twisted, badly sewn on. That brings me to my questions, how you handle those minor errors (e.g. one number a bit higher than the other or stitching at spots a bit inside the numbers). I for myself have two approaches: 1.) For older jerseys from the 80ies & 90ies minor errors don't bother me too much, as for me it adds a bit of soul and reminds me of the sometimes sloppy customizations of back in the days - of course that stuff is still not too helpful for reselling. 2.) And for Edge 1.0s and 2.0s in comparison I like it really sharp and any inaccuracy really distracts me and makes me change it whenever I see it. Are you guys always thriving for 100% sharpness or is a certain amount of inaccuracy even something you add to older jerseys? The 5 on this Twist Nordiques e.g. is definitely a kind of twisted, but after looking on that resembling Twist gamer, I even feel, it adds a certain kind of accuracy or at least soul to the jersey:
  5. Hey all, I just took my Sharks authentic edge 2.0 to a local hockey store in the Bay Area to have them ship it out for customization. All of their customization is done by Stahls, who from what I've been told is who officially does the letters and numbers for all NHL teams. Is this true or has anyone had any experience with having customization done by Stahls? I'm a little OCD so I want my jersey to be as close to an on ice as possible. (I know some of you will say buy a game worn then, I just couldn't afford it) thanks in advance!
  6. Was hoping to get experiences with customizing size 46 or size 50 Reebok Edge 2.0s. Does the customizer scale down the lettering/numbering for the smaller sized jerseys? Hesitant on purchasing a smaller size if customization looks "off" or disproportionate. thanks.
  7. Hi folks, I have a question and need your help on this: I've been involved in the jersey hobby for over 5 years and - as my username implies - specialize in my favorite team, the NY Rangers, to the extent that I'm familiar with their jersey history from 1994 onwards. Also, I've relied on the services of Gerry Cosby's in NYC for my customization jobs. In that time, I've also taken to sewing kits on jerseys myself to save on service & shipping costs. However, it seems that Cosby's is no longer able to do customization work for pre-EDGE jerseys. From what I've heard, Jim - who was the resident expert on Rangers jerseys - no longer works at Cosby's. Also, the younger associate I was talking to at Gerry Cosby's (I think his name was Nick), mentioned that they no longer cut the numbers/lettering for Rangers jerseys in-store. Instead, they get their kits from Stahl's which are cut in the RBK Edge style; although it is odd that they still carry the larger pre-Edge captaincy letters in stock. I found out about this when I stopped by the store back in October when I was looking for Jagr and Lindros kits (yeesh!) to purchase for jerseys I was working on then. My BIG question is: Are there any customizers or merchants who stitch or sell Rangers jersey kits in the style used from 1990-2007, i.e. classic-cut, pre-Edge kits? (P.S. I'm aware that Arena Wear is the current customizer for the New York Rangers, and they also handle stitching for orders placed at Gerry Cosby's and the NHL Store in Manhattan. It's just that I'm unsure if Arena Wear can do classic-cut Rangers kits, which is why I had to ask in the first place.)
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