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Found 4 results

  1. Hey all I’m looking to put the 25th anniversary patch on my sharks edge 2.0 I just got it signed by Hertl at last nights game so I’m wary of sending it back to actionspot sports to have them sew on the patch. Do you prefer to have the official customizers sew on special patches like this or would you recommend taking it somewhere locally? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hey all, Are commemorative patches done by the team customizers or by the teams equipment staff? I'm specifically interested in adding the Sharks 25 year patch to my Hertl Jersey I just got done by action spot. Looks as though the NHL centenniel patches are sticking around the rest of the season from what I've seen and I opted to not get front numbers on my jersey to match this years kits, but now that's only really relevant for a 3 month window now that the centennial patch has been added to the sleeve. I'd prefer the Sharks 25th over adding a centenniel to make it as authentic as can be, but enough rambling. Just wondering if I should be sending it back to action spot for the most accurate patch application.
  3. This is probably a really dumb question... So I have this 2000-2004 white CCM Caps Chris Simon jersey... ...and I wanna get this patch for it... http://www.ebay.com/itm/WASHINGTON-CAPITALS-COMMEMORATIVE-NHL-JERSEY-PATCH-9-11-SEPTEMBER-11-2001-/221216213908?pt=U_Hockey_Fan_Shop&hash=item3381838b94 Is there a place I could send both of them to to have the patch properly sewn on?
  4. I know there is a patch thread already, but this is going to be a quite complicated and much larger post than I want to throw into the patch thread. The back story behind this frustration is, I found out one of my jerseys was fake. Since then I've been learning about Stater Mesh, and have decided to build Forsberg, Sakic, Roy, and Foote 1995-96 Stanley Cup jerseys, both home and away. In Authentic Stater Mesh of course. It's all of the players who have retired numbers and were on that team. (Foote is about to be..., and that excludes Bourque) So... What would you do if you were building a 1995-96 Stanley Cup Jersey, as it pertains to the Stanley Cup patch? This gets more complicated below.... The easy answer might be to just buy a National Emblem reproduction right? It's licensed... I don't know... I'm not in love with their repro to be honest. At least not for an away burgundy. Joel (SuperTheGreat) sent me a link for a breakdown of the 95-96 jersey construction here : http://anyonebutdetroit.com/2011-articles/august/avs-jersey-post-1995-96.html and on their post. It looks like they are saying there are different patches between games 1 & 2, and then games 3 & 4. Basically Home and Away Stanley Cup patches. WTF? Here is their linked picture of a home jersey Stanley Cup Finals patch they are saying is a legit 'White' home patch. Looks pretty clean to me, and with the other knowledge in that post. I believe it to be honest. (Maybe someone can proof this?) The biggest discrepency I've been seeing when looking at offical patches for sale is the white or silver line of thread that runs down the right side of the Stanley Cup. That is missing on the 'Official' NE reproduction sold at SportsK.com ---- However here is a picture of a Away 95-96 Sandis Ozolinsh Stanley Cup Finals patch on a 'Game Worn' jersey. The jersey was auctioned off on GameWornAuction.net. There is a line still present running down the right side of the Stanley Cup Patch, yet it's silver and closer to the black (right) edge of the Stanley Cup. You can barely see it if you look close. That patch also does not have the blue boarder around the NHL badge. The line work in the Stanley Cup is also tighter as well. Than either the first home picture (Especially that one) or the actual reproduction done by National Emblem. Ok one more picture... This is what Murf is selling at MurfandPat.com (He also e-mailed me the same picture.) His are the most expensive at 20$ a piece. The one on the left has thinner lettering, and a jacked up off center cut of the patch (Look at the bottom right). The actual detail inside the patch is very good though. Clean lines in the cup and all. As well as the silver line that runs down the right side of the cup. However, it's missing the thicker brighter letters and brighter cup outline of the original. But wait the one on the right has the brighter white outline of the cup and thicker letters. As well as a proper cut of the black patch backing. (Head explodes) Unfortunately this one (right) has weaker detail in the actual Stanley Cup itself. And a darker silver thread than either the one on the left, or the legit one. But wait... If you look at the first 'Home-White' picture I posted, the detail in the Cup isn't paramount. As the lines along the left side of the Stanley Cup are not perfect, and the top one is even a little curved. BUT... it has the white line in it. Basically what it comes down to is that I HATE THEM ALL, except the real one of course. Really with all of this? It seems like the biggest joke of all, the legit reproductions are missing just as much as the other reproductions and they all seem to have mixed aspects of the patch. I mean the Ozolinsh patch has to be the best reference right? One more thing... On National Emblems reproduction they use a blue outline of the NHL badge in the center of the patch. I don't see that in the Away Ozolinsh, but I do see it in the first home-white picture I posted. Personally it would make sense to get whatever matches the Away game worn jersey the best. Figuring out which that is, is going to make my head explode. Should I just go with a National Emblem patch regardless, since their patches are licensed? I'm having a really hard time deciding which ones to get. Because I don't love the fact that there is blue around the NHL shield, and the game worn away jersey depicted does not have that. If anyone has extensive experience with this, or two game worn home and away 95-96 Colorado Avalanche Stanley Cup Jerseys, and can post pictures or comment. I'd appreciate it... (This is insanity...) Edit : This is the SportsK image, that is the National Emblems their selling. Notice the blue boarder around the NHL logo, and a lack of white line? The black line work in the Stanley Cup is thick and not consistent with anything else either.
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