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Found 10 results

  1. So like some others around here I have decided to take a step back and focus on other things, maybe one day I'll get back into it but as of now all these are just sitting in my closet collecting dust and I would like them to be somewhere where they are appreciated! Shipping is included to the United States add $10 for Canada. If elsewhere we can work something out. I also have several patches I can include with the jerseys I will get a group picture of them all uploaded in the next few days as well. Here is an album with some basic pictures of all the jerseys, if anyone is interested in a particular one please pm me and I will get you better quality pictures. https://public.fotki.com/FuzzyPenguin/my-first-album/ 1. Pittsburgh Penguins Jersey (Mint Condition and properly customized) Maker: Cooper (Customized by Century Sports) Player Name: Bullard Jersey Year: 84-86 Size: Medium Material: Air Knit Color: Black Price: $750 2. Pittsburgh Penguins Jersey (Used) (2008 Cup patch and 250 Patch) Maker: Reebok Player Name: Crosby Jersey Year: 07-08 Size: 54 Material: Edge 1.0 Color: Black Price: $125 3. Pittsburgh Penguins Jersey NWT Maker: Reebok Player Name: BLANK Jersey Year: Present Size: 54 Material: Edge 2.0 Color: Black Price: $250 4. Pittsburgh Penguins Jersey NWT Maker: Reebok Player Name: Malkin Jersey Year: 02-07 Size: 52 Material: Air Knit Color: Black Price: $250 5. Pittsburgh Penguins Jersey (2011 Winter Classic Patch) Maker: Reebok Player Name: Fleury Jersey Year: 11 Winter Classic Size: 54 Material: Edge 1.0 Color: Navy Blue Price: $175 6. Pittsburgh Penguins Jersey (Used) Maker: CCM Player Name: Naslund Jersey Year: 92-95 Size: 52 Material: Ultrafil Color: White Price: $150 7. Pittsburgh Penguins Jersey NWT (2014 Stadium Series Patch) Maker: Reebok Player Name: BLANK Jersey Year: 2014 STADIUM SERIES Size: 54 Material: Edge 2.0 Color: White Price: $250 8. Pittsburgh Penguins Jersey (2008 Winter Classic Patch) Maker: Reebok Player Name: Conklin Jersey Year: 08 WINTER CLASSIC Size: 56 Material: Edge 1.0 Color: Baby Blue Price: $175 9. Pittsburgh Penguins Jersey Maker: Koho Player Name: Straka Jersey Year: 00-02 Size: 52 Material: Airknit Color: Black Price: $250 10. Pittsburgh Penguins Jersey Maker: CCM Player Name: Coffey Jersey Year: Small Block Gold Toe Crest Size: Fits like a 54 Material: Ultrafil Color: Black Price: $450 11. Pittsburgh Penguins Jersey Maker: Starter Player Name: BLANK Jersey Year: 97-00 Size: 56 G Material: Starter Mesh Color: White Price: $175 12. Pittsburgh Penguins Jersey Maker: Starter (Jersey has alternate captain patch, it should have a C instead of A) Player Name: Francis Jersey Year: 97-00 Size: 56 Material: Starter Mesh Color: White Price: $225 13. Pittsburgh Penguins Jersey (Authentic Cup and badger patch, 25th ani patch is a repro from the day) Maker: CCM Player Name: Lemieux Jersey Year: 92 Size: 54 Material: Ultrafil Color: White Price: $575 14. Pittsburgh Penguins Jersey Maker: Pro Player Player Name: Morozov Jersey Year: 00 Size: 52 Material: Air Knit Color: Black Price: $250 15. Pittsburgh Penguins Jersey Maker: Starter Player Name: Barrasso Jersey Year: 97-00 Size: 56 Material: Starter Mesh Color: White Price: $225 16. SOLD Info: Jersey has been stripped of everything but is an authentic ccm airknit from the 80's, I have an authentic fightstrap that I will include with it however you would need to get the logo and customization done. There is some glue residue left but it should come off, I never tried to get it off after removing the previous logo and customization. 17. Pittsburgh Penguins Jersey Maker: Sandow SK Player Name: Lemieux Jersey Year: 81-83 Size: N/A Material: Air Knit Color: Sunday Gold Price: $200 Info- This is a project jersey, the logo needs to be removed and there is a poorly what seems to be screen-printed name on the back (Lemieux) which needs to be either removed or covered up with a nameplate.
  2. Shipping to U.S. is included ($25 to Canada.) Authentic Starter Mesh Pittsburgh Penguins 1997-99 Home Jersey (Size 54R) - $95 (Improperly customized as a Lemieux. I stripped the jersey of all but the Captains 'C', and the numbers and lettering had bled through on to the jersey. Also left behind was a glue-like residue from the nameplate. Not up for the massive clean up job on this one, so I'm selling it as is.) https://imgur.com/gallery/0Ds2b
  3. Here is a link to my website which shows all of my game used penguins jerseys. The pens are 1 of 2 teams I collect for. Tampa is the other Www.penswearhouse.com Let me know what you think!
  4. Listing a number of authentics for sale. I'm open to trades for game worn Carolina Hurricanes or Tampa Bay Lightning. Shipping within the U.S. is usually about $10 per jersey and can be combined for multiples. Nicklas Lidstrom - NHL All Star Team Lidstrom - Sz. 58 - $175 (team-issued jersey w/ NHLPA logo and lettered w/ Lidstrom BNWT) Sergei Samsonov - Autographed Carolina Hurricanes Alternate - Sz. 56 - $150 Janne Niinimaa - Autographed Philadelphia Flyers - White - Sz. 52 - $100
  5. Please read the rules thread. Have to meet the minimum post count before you can start a sale thread.
  6. JULY 27th, ADDED MORE JERSEYS... See page 2 for the newest.... lots of blanks and another 9 or 10 authentics from 90's forward. Don't like the prices? Start a conversation. Feel free to PM me with any interest or best offers. If you want something and can convince me that your offer is reasonable, have at it. I'd like to move these to people who will appreciate them. I can provide additional info of photos if needed. Prices in USD, shipping is included in the prices to the US. Other places it is negotiable. It should seem obvious with the number of jerseys I've sold in the past 6 months that I'm reasonable to deal with. NEW JERSEYS ADDED PAGE 2: For the pricing on the newly listed ones, assume similar pricing to below, though as I said, clearly I'll talk offers. Bure - Canucks (Orca) - $225 Blake - Kings - $200 Jagr - Caps - $200 Bergeron - Bruins - $200 Bure - Canucks (Skate) - $185 Allison - Kings - $200 Thornton - Sharks - $200 Colorado Avalanche 2005-06 Sakic, Reebok, Burgundy, Size 52 - $225 BLANKS: Anaheim Ducks 2.0 Retro - $325 shipped US - got it from JB, passing it along. Zetterberg - Red Wings - $200 SOLD Lidstrom - Red Wings - $200 SOLD St. Louis - TBL - $225 SOLD Yzerman - Red Wings - $225 SOLD Sakic - Avalanche 3rd - $225 SOLD Hunter - Capitals - $225. SOLD Modano - Stars - $225 SOLD Selanne - Ducks - $225 SOLD Jagr - NYR - $180 SOLD Stevens - Capitals - $225 SOLD Fedorov - Red Wings - $225 SOLD Ovechkin Capitals - $225 SOLD Robitaille - Kings (75th Patched) - $225 SOLD Robitaille - Kings - $200 SOLD North Stars - Game Worn Training Camp Jersey - $300 SOLD Nolan - Sharks - $225 SOLD Roenick - Chicago (White) SOLD Toews - Chicago (White) - SOLD Lindros - NYR - $225 SOLD Gretzky - NYR Liberty - $225. SOLD Pittsburgh Penguins 1992-93 Lemieux. CCM Center Ice Ultrafil, Black, size 52 - $225. SOLD Philadelphia Flyers 1996-97 Lindros Home, Size 48 Nike - $225 SOLD * StL 1991-92 Brett Hull, CCM Center Ice, Blue, size 48. -$250 SOLD Quebec Nordiques 1994-95 Forsberg, CCM Center Ice Ultrafil, Blue, size 48 -$400. SOLD Anaheim Mighty Ducks 1995-96 Kariya, CCM Center Ice Ultrafil, White, size 52 - $350. . SOLD * Pittsburgh Penguins 1991-92 Stevens, CCM Center Ice Ultrafil, Black, size 48 -$400 - SOLD Colorado Avalanche 1995-96 Forsberg, Starter 52R, Burgundy - $225 SOLD New Jersey Devils 1993-94 Brodeur, CCM Center Ice Ultrafil, Red, size 48 - $225 SOLD St. Louis Blues 1991-92 Shanahan, CCM Center Ice, White, size 52 - $225 SOLD * Chicago Blackhawks 1991-92 Roenick, CCM Center Ice Ultrafil, Red, Size 48 - $400 - SOLD San Jose Sharks 1996-97 Nolan, CCM Center Ice Ultrafil, Teal, Size 54, - $300. SOLD Pittsburgh Penguins 1993-94 Jagr, CCM Center Ice Ultrafil, White, Size 52, - $225 SOLD *New York Rangers 1993-94 Graves, CCM Center Ice, White, Size 52, - $225 SOLD *Hartford Whalers 1993-94 Sanderson, CCM Center Ice Ultrafil, Navy, Size 52, - $350. . SOLD *Toronto Maple Leafs 1993-94 Gilmour, CCM Center Ice Ultrafil, White. Size 52. - $225 SOLD *New York Islanders 1993-94 Turgeon Home, Size 52 CCM - $325 SOLD *New Jersey Devils 1994-95 Stevens Home, Size 52 CCM Ultrafil - $225 SOLD St. Louis Blues 1997-02 Era Pronger, Starter, White, 52-R - $300 SOLD Buffalo Sabres 1999-00 May, CCM Center Ice, Black, Size tag was remove, likely a 52 or 54. - $200 SOLD New York Islanders 1990 Trottier Home, Size 48 CCM- $225 SOLD Detroit Red Wings 1997-98 Shanahan, Nike 52, White, - $225 SOLD Pittsburgh Penguins 1999-00 Kovalev, CCM Center Ice Ultrafil, White, size 54 - $225 SOLD Pittsburgh Penguins Crosby Home, Reebok 1.0. Size 54 - $200 SOLD Buffalo Sabres 2006-07 Drury Blue Size 52 Reebok 6100 - $160 SOLD Vancouver Canucks - 85 shipped US SOLD Atlanta Thrashers 2.0 Team Issued - $150 shipped US SOLD NJ Devils CCM Ultrafil Team Issued - SOLD Pittburgh Penguins Ultrafil CCM - SOLD Marleau - Sharks - $200 SOLD Kariya - Ducks - $180 SOLD
  7. Hey everyone. This is my collection of game used Pittsburgh Penguins jerseys so far. I have only been collecting them for about 3 months but think I have amassed a decent collection so far. Heres a link to my site. It would mean a lot if you could check it out and leave me feedback. Ill have 3 more Pens gamers on the way soon so check back to the site for updates. Thanks. http://Sharpejerseys.weebly.com/
  8. I just joined the boards, and was wondering if anyone had any information on the white Starter mesh jerseys (Robo-Penguin) the Penguins wore. Are they particularly rare? I just got a Lemieux one in the mail yesterday (ebay) and it's my new favorite jersey.
  9. I figured I'd make a topic specifically for this. As a lot of you know, the Pens unveiled the alternate sweater they'll be wearing 12 times this season. As everyone knows, these are based off of the black road jerseys worn during the years the Pens won two consecutive cups in 1991 and 92. Like the 91/92 throwback they've been selling for the past few years, the crest logo is slightly different than what it actually was. Though, I think they were just going with the general look, and they successfully accomplished that. This is not only the return of the classic jersey, but of the shade of gold, called Pittsburgh gold, to the team since 2002. And yet another successful attempt at a traditional style jersey on the Edge template. The jersey is now available online and at the PensGear store inside the ConsolEnergy center. I expect the jerseys and other throwback merch to sell hot, and people will love to see these out on the ice again, including myself. I was hoping it would be the gold jersey the team wore in the 80s, but oh well. I was also sort of hoping for something new, or even something with the RoboPen on it, but with Lemieux owning the team, I doubted that. I was also kind of underwhelmed considering they've been selling this jersey as a throwback for a few years, but nevertheless, it's going to be exciting having Pittsburgh gold on the ice again. I am currently wearing one of the throwbacks. It is blank, and not an Edge, so I think I'll pick one of these up one day. These are the dates it will be worn, one time on the road.
  10. I recently picked up 7 jerseys at an estate sale with 4 being authentic. I picked up a Penguins, Nordiques, Sharks, and a 1992 All Star Game jersey..all with fight straps. The problem is that the original owner customized these jerseys with his name (Sutter) and number (23). I used a seam remover and took off the 23 from the Sharks jersey but the color tones are easily visible and you can see where the patch once was. How would you all go about this? Would you remove the patches or just leave them as is? Thanks, Ben
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