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Found 1 result

  1. Hello im new to the web site ,and as i recently found out,new to nhl jerseys as well,i thought there were fake,replica,authentic and game/player/team issued...as i soon found that variety dominates all listed i began to wonder,what if the jersey i bid on and won on a goodwill site for $91 from a st louis goodwill signed by tj oshie is a below the belt blow i didnt want to admit,or..a really good deal,either or the bid stsrted at 40 and it hadnt looked like a fake as ove been doing research on lately as my sister was duped on a crosby and a giroux ,she sold the giroux for $100 ,i kept the crosby..still a nice jersey and hey,im from the state of hock. Lets just say its cold alot and every park has its winter upgrades,but i knew enough to take the gamble,as the autograph looked to good and on point to be a fake,and if it was ,what kind of business man/woman would work so hard on something to let it go to goodwill,seems more a loss on their part,so i kept at the bid,won it,waited til pay day,it arived yesterday and needless to say,after 16 hours of research (wich led me here,why it took so long,don't ask)i believe i may have a piece of nhl history,well past tense speaking,but who knows,butbi would sure trust the oppinion of you as most of you seem to knowwhat youre talking about when it comes to sweaters..so..ok,the jersey has all characteristics of whatvive come across as well as some of your guys facts/info,the jersey iz z stitched on logo,reebok neck patch,front shield perfect lining of seams,numbers fightstraps check out as authentic,there is an inside rebok materials tag with a sticky tag reading 6 7 07 and the fight strap is also bearing a white boxed sticky tag wich reads "52" the size of the jersey,wich led me to my confidence in authenticity an the thought of, why it would be needed to precisely match the fightstrap to the jersey size for a fans version? Unless we Are hockey brawling vigilantes's i dont see it making a difference, unless a black hawks fan and i bump shoulders than i prepare for an evening square up at the loon, that wont have any significance to me ,wich brings me to my question is ut game/team issued? There are no wear marks no anything of signs of it being used in an actual game,unless they played the leafs that day then the possibility lives, (mornin Toronto?)numbers are heat pressed,name plate is loose,close to falling off.assuming it was washed maybe,butvi read some authentics are heatpressed etc etc..so,help a guy out if ya can,thanks. James. Oh and go sharks (not a fan but we had burnsie and i root for my fellow wild and hey, they havnt gotten the big bite yet,gunna need a bigger boat,Pittsburgh! "Sea" what i did there? Uh. .ok im out ?
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