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Found 4 results

  1. I figured I'd make a topic specifically for this. As a lot of you know, the Pens unveiled the alternate sweater they'll be wearing 12 times this season. As everyone knows, these are based off of the black road jerseys worn during the years the Pens won two consecutive cups in 1991 and 92. Like the 91/92 throwback they've been selling for the past few years, the crest logo is slightly different than what it actually was. Though, I think they were just going with the general look, and they successfully accomplished that. This is not only the return of the classic jersey, but of the shade of gold, called Pittsburgh gold, to the team since 2002. And yet another successful attempt at a traditional style jersey on the Edge template. The jersey is now available online and at the PensGear store inside the ConsolEnergy center. I expect the jerseys and other throwback merch to sell hot, and people will love to see these out on the ice again, including myself. I was hoping it would be the gold jersey the team wore in the 80s, but oh well. I was also sort of hoping for something new, or even something with the RoboPen on it, but with Lemieux owning the team, I doubted that. I was also kind of underwhelmed considering they've been selling this jersey as a throwback for a few years, but nevertheless, it's going to be exciting having Pittsburgh gold on the ice again. I am currently wearing one of the throwbacks. It is blank, and not an Edge, so I think I'll pick one of these up one day. These are the dates it will be worn, one time on the road.
  2. http://www.icethetics.co/blog/2014/10/6/islanders-resurrect-the-fisherman-for-final-season-in-nassau Welp...this is something I don't think any one of us would have ever expected, the Islanders are going to bring back a controversial era from their wardrobe. For at least one game, the team will wear special throwback jerseys based off of the infamous Gorton's Fisherman jersey during the pre-game, for their last season playing at Nassau. Read: it won't be worn during the actual game, only pre-game. I know this is going to get a very mixed reaction. I personally like the colors and design of the jerseys that were made among the wild flock of crazy 90s jerseys. I don't really want them to go back to them as full-time home/away sweaters, but I'd like it to be an alternate one of these days. Strangely, these will only be worn pre-game. What do you all think of this? If you hate those jerseys, do you think it's a lot less offensive to the team that they won't be wearing it during the game?
  3. http://www.icethetics.info/blog/2013/9/11/ducks-prepare-for-throwback-night.html It's finally confirmed, I can't freaking wait to see the purple and jade back on the ice again!
  4. So here's the back story. At one point I was friends with Victoria Salmon King Adam Taylor. On his page he had a photo of him on the S Kings wearing an old Victoria Cougars jersey, the good ole cup winning baby blue. However, when the team defunct, he went off to volunteer fire fight, and deleted his page because he wanted to get away from the fans he had on it. I managed to actually find the link to the old photo, but it's "unavailable" since he closed his account. Go to google? No pictures or even news on it. Im looking for ANYTHING you can find, news post, picture, game worn jersey, anything!
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