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The REAL IceJerseys and our Customer Commitment

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Lets start with a little history:

As most of you likely know, we at IceJerseys are very proud of the quality of the products and services that we offer. We believe we are the leading online source for hockey jerseys and apparel, and we are constantly striving towards improving the entire customer experience. Whatever positive reputation IceJerseys has built has come from going into the corners and mucking it out, one satisfied customer at a time. This is our philosophy, we are grinders... and we believe grinders are appreciated by true hockey fans. We are a fairly small company, owned by three knowledgeable and passionate lifelong hockey fans, all having grown up in Montreal during the Habs' glory years of the 1970's. We don't have endless resources like some of the big-box retailers out there who may sell hockey, but don't really get hockey, and more importantly, don't really get hockey fans.

We have grown our company from the ground up, having started the online addition to our tiny store way back in 1999. The retail store (Sport Buff) had been around since 1989, across the street from the legendary Montreal Forum. In 1999, IceJerseys.com (then known as NHLHockeyJerseys.com), consisted of one laptop in a tiny 4x4 office/closet in the back of a 700 foot retail store. In 2003 we closed our traditional retail store, as the online business was far outpacing the bricks and mortar business, and we needed to focus on our etail business.

So that is where we come from. We are not a big faceless corporation. We do not stay awake at night devising new ways to increase profits by taking advantage of our customers. We are just regular guys (and gals) with a passion for a business and sport we love. We care about hockey, we care about hockey fans, and most importantly, we care about our customers, and making sure they are happy with our products and services.

I think it is important that this is made clear, because we can't stand in front of our customers and look them in the eye and explain things to them in person. With so many negative experiences that can occur whn shopping online, customers are naturally leary. Without being able to see who you are doing business with, it can be a bit scary, and we understand that. Especially during these challenging times, people are very careful with their money, so the thought of forking over a chunk of change to an unknown entity can be quite disconcerting. Then, at the first indication that something might be amiss, the whistles just naturally go off.

So, we just want to let our customers know who we are and that we are here, we are accessible and we are accountable.

Although we have a 95% Bizrate satisfaction rating, a 5 out of 5 star Shopping.com rating, and a 4.8 out of 5 star Amazon satisfaction rating, we know we aren't perfect. We have made some mistakes, but if a mistake is made, we always have and and always will do our best to take care of it. We are totally committed to customer satisfaction, so if there is an issue with customization, or any product ordered, please follow these guidelines so we can insure it will be taken care of appropriately.

Communication is vital, and there are many resources available that can help save you time and minimize stress with any question or issue that needs an answer or resolution. By following these steps in order, we are confident that just about any question can be answered, and just about any problem can be reasonably addressed.

Step 1)

READ! A lot of info is readily available to our customers. First, make sure you have carefully read the product description and looked carefully at the product photo(s) (use the hi-res zoom feature!). Next, search for an answer or direction in our Help Center. Finally, search the threads in this forum - there's a pretty good chance that the issue may have already been addressed publicly here in the forum. It is quite amazing how often a simple misunderstanding comes out of not reading, or mis-reading the information at hand.

Step 2)

ASK! Before freaking out and imagining the owners of the company stealing off with your hard-earned money and heading off to the Cayman Islands, never to be heard from again, simply ask a question!. Once again, there are lots of ways you can ask a question. Customer Service is available through Live Chat and Toll-Free telephone at 866-645-4327 from M-F, 9-5. For off hours, you can contact us by email here. Another option is to ask a question on the forum, as there is usually someone who can give a reasonably informed answer to most questions.

If after following the two steps above you still can't get an answer to your question, or you feel that customer service has not responded to your inquiry appropriately, then please send me a Private Mesage here on the forum, providing as much detail and background (including relevant invoice numbers etc.) as possible. I will look into your situation and get back to you personally. Consider this as a direct line to management. I only ask that you save this for when it is truly needed, as I want to make sure these types of inquiries can be addressed in a persoanl and timely manner, and this won't be possible if there are too many inquiries that could have been addressed through one of the means above.

As I said we are a small company. As a result, I can get pretty busy doing all that it takes to keep this company flowing smoothly. Although my main responsibilities are e-commerce, web and marketing (and not customer service), all of the owners are hands-on in just about every aspect of the business. In fact, we even help out picking and packing orders in the warehouse when necessary! Nonetheless, we will always find time to make sure our customers are satisfied that we have delivered what we promised. So, I am hoping that everything above will give all of the IceJerseys community the confidence and trust that we will get it done right, and in the event that something goes wrong, we will do our best to fix it!

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