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On 7/5/2019 at 9:14 AM, Hockey Bob said:

My BRANE :doh: is always all over the place,
Last night as I drifted off to slumber and half of my neighborood was setting off fireworks - I was dreaming of this photo and thought to myself... Self,.. you should ask Tazer (since this was posted in the "deals and steals" thread) 
What was the best deal / steal you got on one of these?

Not like a size 44 - more so, do you recall a total steal for anything size 52 and up?
Are any of these larger than a 52? 

The only time I saw one in a bigger size was at a Hawks game and the guy was wearing Dirk Graham's gamer!
I still wish I wouldv'e robbed that guy :P I can run pretty fast for a fat guy

Good morning...

A handful of these are size 48...but the majority are size 52 or 54...there is one 50 in there...

Now as far as steals...As a matter of fact there are 3 of them in there that I got at an ABSOLUTELY CRAZY CRAZY price...

I go to the Black Hawks Convention EVERY SUMMER...this summer will be #12...they open up all the vendor booths at 3pm and my daughter and I go there 1st to check out what everyone has...get 1st choice...

We stumble upon a booth with all kinds of older memorabilia and a few dozen jerseys...all folded neatly in big ziploc bags...I see the crests of two and they are the TBTC...I ask if I can open them and take a look...the guy says Sure...I open it up...Chelios size 54 autographed...He says "its been hanging in my bar forever along with the Roenick but my kids tell me to "get with the times" and get rid of these old guys and put up a Kane and Toews...

I open the other...Roenick size 54...and then one other Hawks...white ultrafil size 52(blank)... He says he owns a sports bar/restaurant and is just getting rid of this stuff because his kids want him to put up the newer guys...he proceeds to tell me that they are just really dusty, some hanger marks...

He says, if you want all 3 Hawks I can work something out because I do not want to have to pack up this stuff and take it back to my office. I got the booth to get rid of all this and I've had it so long whatever I get will be pocket money...He says "gimme $125"...I was like a dear in headlights...I say "No problem, for each?" He says "Nope, all 3"...he tells me "$50 for these special ones and $25 for the blank one"...he says "I won't charge extra for Chris' autograph because he signed it for me on our opening night and it didn't cost me anything"... 

Yes, $100 for the Chelios and Roenick...I'm sorry but....you asked....I turned the blank white ultrafil into a #16 GOULET with an authentic '91 All Star patch-the game from Chicago Stadium(got TWO authentic '91 All Star patches from a wonderful member here on the forum)...


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2 hours ago, Tazer19 said:

Yes, $100 for the Chelios and Roenick...

Now that really IS a Steal!
I'm glad it went to someone who can appreciate them and am green with envy that you have some in a size 54!
I'd have fallen over at that price

Well done!

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4 hours ago, Tazer19 said:

I'm sorry for such a delayed response gents...Been fighting horrific migraines...

Okay, so you want to see how many I can get on?? and donate $2 for every jersey worn at once to St. Jude's Children's Hospital....Absolutely...I'll do it...I'm still waiting on the ones I have at the customizer but I will put each one on, in numeric order and post pics...

Yup I’m all in on this lol. No problem, we can wait until you have them all back. 

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