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IceJerseys Launches 'The Real Hockey Fan Blog"

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Hi All,

I know it's been a while since I have posted on the forum, but I come bearing some exciting news! IceJerseys has launched our official blog, called 'The Real Hockey Fan Blog'. The focus of the blog will be content from the real fans of the game we love, as well as content directly from IJ, including an insider's view of the jersey business and licensed hockey industry.

We have launched with a few posts from Dave, also known as 'Keener' here on the BB. We are interested in featuring some additional content (written or possibly even video) from those in the IJ community who believe they have something of quality and substance to contribute from the perspective of a real hockey fan. If you feel like you want to contribute on an occasional basis, or be a regular contributor, please send a pm to Keener and we will see if there is a fit.

Although the blog is small and we are just getting the word out about it now, we have big plans for it, and hope to grow it significantly over the next few months.

Please check out RealHockeyFan.com, and contribute comments on the blog and provide us with any feedback you may have here as well.

Thanks for your participation!

- CW

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