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Hi All,

Sorry for my lengthy absence from the forum, but I do keep an eye on things from a distance, and I know the mods are doing a great job of keeping things running smoothly - so I have been leaving things in their hands for the most part.

Anyhow, I am jumping in today to mention that we are looking for a few individuals who would be interested in being occasional contributors to our Real Hockey Fan blog. The blog was launched last season in a very informal manner as a bit of a test. We haven't done anything with it since March, but are now ready to kick things into high gear. The goal of this blog, is to be a place where REAL hockey fans and fans of hockey jerseys and merchandise will have a platform for their perspective on all things in the world of hockey. We would like to see columns written from a fan's perspective about what is happening in the game of hockey, with a particular focus on the jerseys and merchandise of today, as well as some historical reference when applicable. We really want to make this blog a place for fans to contribute an intelligent and insightful perspective and opinion on the game of hockey and hockey merchandise in particular, and hope to give the blogger a lot of freedom in terms of content and opinion. It is important however to note that the blog is still representative of IceJerseys.com, and is not intended to be used as a personal soapbox for self promotion. Although there will not be any formal compensation for contributing to the blog, it will be an opportunity to have your material exposed to our huge customer base of hockey fans around the globe. In addition, once we see some consisitent quality contributions, there will likely be opportunities for contributers to be compensated with gift certificates or merchandise, as well as the possibility to run contextual affiliate links to relevant IJ merchandise and be compensated on a commission basis for any resulting sales.

If you would be interested in contributing, please send me a PM indicating your interest. If possible, please provide links to any examples you may have of your work (or even some well written posts if you don't have anything else). In addition, please let me know why you would be a good candidate and what interesting perspective you feel you could bring to the Real Hockey Fan blog, as well as how often you would feel comfortable contributing content. If we feel that you are a good candicate, we will get back to you to work out the details.

We look forward to getting a few good writers on board, and hope to hear from many of you as soon as possible.

Thank you,


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