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Earlier this week, with a lockout looming and the dog days of summer in full-effect, I thought it was the perfect time to engage our Twitter followers in an interactive contest. Here’s the tweet that I sent out. And take note, it was just ONE tweet:

“ IceJerseys.com ‏@IceJerseys

Grab the attention of your favorite #NHL'er on Twitter (RT or @IceJerseys - Gotta mention us somewhere!) & win their RBK replica jersey #Go “

The first few minutes were relatively quiet, with no more than a dozen people participating. And then Mike Modano (@9modano) retweeted @IceJerseys follower Brian Neall. I let Brian know that he was the winner of a Modano jersey of his choice. With a few new followers and a little buzz, the contest could have been deemed a winner right then and there. Not so much; cue @IceJerseys Gone Wild. Colby Armstrong, Dave Moss, Andrew Ference and Ryan Jones jumped right into the mix. And with their retweets and mentions came a flurry of Twitter users, all trying to grab the attention of NHL players, not only for the chance to win a jersey, but for the opportunity to interact as well. Thousands of tweets and new followers later, the contest continued well into the night after the 4PM deadline.

Well, some Twitter users weren’t thrilled as their timelines suddenly became “cluttered” with mentions of IceJerseys and our contest. They took to, where else, Twitter to voice their displeasure. “Spam! – Never buying anything at IceJerseys again! – You ruined Twitter!! – My daughter is now lactose intolerant!” But this one took the cake: “…corporate charade…totally aimed at promoting their brand.” This was tweeted by a hockey writer whose name escapes me at the moment. Let’s get this straight. An online business took to the internet in an effort to promote their brand and attract new customers? The horror!

More than 100 NHL players, past and present, participated. Hundreds of fans received acknowledgement from their favorite athletes during a very fragile time for the sport. Half a dozen fully customized NHL jerseys were handed out, as well as a $50 gift card to our store. Save for a handful of fist-waving bloggers and journalists and a few angry fans, the contest was a huge success. At this point I could apologize to those who were upset with the promotion, but, I’m not sorry. I'm not sorry because we did nothing wrong. I’d rather salute those who played along, both the fans and the players. So, #thanks.

Here’s a list of some of the players who participated:
















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It was a great promotion, even though I didn't win and am a loyal IJ member here :(. But seriously, great marketing. Very impressive. How many Twitter followers did you gain from this promo?

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