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I have a bunch of Sabres navy/home jerseys (of the Indo variety, sizes 50 to 56) and I'd like to trade for a couple white ones, if anyone is interested. Any size over 50, Indo/1.0/2.0, doesn't matter.

Although if you know where to get 2.0s you should tell me!

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Got in a Kane 2.0 58+ from Schulzmc today, i dont want to put a price on it so i would like to trade it for a smaller sized 2.0 or Blue Jackets/Flyers/Bruins jerseys.



Also would swap an Oilers wordmark team issued, or my Lindros 1996 all star for CBJ jerseys..make it happen people.



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Looking to trade some jerseys for some that actually fit me now. The Blues and Panthers jerseys are XL's and the Coyotes jersey is a Large.




I am looking to trade for a small/medium/46/50/52. I am interested in any Sabres, Lightning, 90's Ducks, Nordiques, Sergei Fedorov, USA, Minor League or international jerseys (club or country).

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size 56

Mainly looking for size 52-54 Blue Leafs, 1994-1996 52-54 ASG East, Or Wild Proplayer authentic 52-56, RBK 6100 Wild White 52-56 or Edge 1.0/2.0 Wild 56-58 White With the new shoulder patches.

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