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Prices (Personal Payment via PayPal) include shipping in the US. Will ship to Canada for additional chedder. Please PM all offers.
I'll trade for gameworn jerseys, particularly goalies and Rangers jerseys. I hate the Facebook tire-kickers, so I will gladly offer a better discount to the good members of Ice Jerseys, except for Devils and Flyers fans. Bonus points if you are Jagr's number one fan. Will need payment up front and a permission slip from your third grade teacher if you are a Canadian gay vampire who writes books on the toilet.

Here is the link to Authentic jerseys.

Here is the link to Gameworn Jerseys.

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Authentic Jerseys for sale. Prices (friends and family) include shipping in the USA.

  1. New York Rangers double-hemmed Gretzky Starter. Size 54-R. $400
  2. Chicago Blackhawks Red Nike. Size 48. $300
  3. Chicago Blackhawks white Teows Reebok 2.0. Size 56. NWT. $250
  4. Toronto Maple Leafs Winter Classic VanRiemsdyk. Customized by SLC. Size 56. $300
  5. New York Rangers Starter Liberty LaFontaine. Size 52. $300
  6. New York Rangers Blue Starter. Size 52. $200
  7. Colorado Avalanche White Starter, made in Berlin, USA. Size 52. Has stains on front. $100
  8. Team issued Hartford Wolfpack Fifth anniversary alternate jersey. Size 52. $250
  9. Team issued Hartford Wolfpack Blue Ultrafil alternate jersey. Size 52. $250
  10. Chicago Blackhawks Red Koho. Size 52. Sleeves have been hemmed, fight strap removed. $100
  11. Pittsburgh Penguins black Murray Reebok 2.0. Size 58 GC. Autographed. I believe this was originally gameworn by someone else, previous owner put a Murray nameplate on it, and had it autographed. Black marker appears to have run onto the back numbers. $200
  12. Los Angeles Kings black Ultrafil practice jersey. Used. $50
  13. Philadelphia Flyers Green airknit practice jersey. Used. $50
  14. Chicago Blackhawks Black Koho alternate. Size 52. $300
  15. Tampa Bay Lightning Savard. Has stain on front lower hem. Size 52. $100
  16. Pittsburgh Penguins 2011 Winter Classic 2.0 Fleury. Size 58. Customized by Cutting Edge, who did the Pens gamers at the time. $350
  17. New York Rangers CCM Vanbiesbrouck, customized by Cosby’s. Size 52. $300
  18. New York Rangers white CCM Gretzky. Size 52. $250
  19. New York Rangers White CCM small-block. Size 44. $200
  20. New York Rangers heritage 2.0. Has retired numbers in hem. Size 58. $250
  21. New York Rangers heritage Indo Richards. Size 56. New with tags. $100
  22. New Jersey Devils white CCM. Size 48. $100
  23. Los Angeles Kings white CCM Ultrafil. Size 48. $200
  24. Boston Bruins black CCM Vintage. Size 52. $200
  25. Philadelphia Flyers Forsberg CCM. Fight strap removed. Size 52. $100
  26. New York Islanders CCM. New with tags. Size 52. $300
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Gameworn Jerseys for Sale:

  1. New York Rangers Korpikoski Premier Games. $400
  2. New York Rangers Christensen Premier Games. $400
  3. New York Rangers Moore Gameworn Stadium Series $1000
  4. New York Rangers Malakhov 75th Anniversary Season. $500
  5. New York Rangers Betts Leetch Retirement Game. $550
  6. New York Rangers Toms 911 Ribbon. $500
  7. New York Rangers Game Issued Biron $300
  8. New York Rangers Game Issued Callahan $300
  9. Hartford Wolfpack Gameworn Garlock Jerseys $200 each, $350  for the pair
  10. Mighty Ducks Alternate Rob Niedermayer $700
  11. Dallas Stars Gameworn Ron Tugnutt $500
  12. Florida Panthers Gameworn McLennan $300
  13. Edmonton Oilers Gameworn Roloson $300
  14. Nashville Predators Gameworn Mason $350
  15. Ottawa Senators Gameworn Chouinard $250
  16. Ottawa Senators Fountain. $200
  17. Ottawa Senators Hurme. $200
  18. Arizona Coyotes Game Issued Beskorowany $200
  19. Peoria Rivermen Beckford-Tseu. $200
  20. Bridgeport Sound Tigers Persson. Sandy Hook Ribbon. $200
  21. Carolina Hurricanes Eric Staal. Worn for the Media Tour. $400
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Holy crap. I’m still here?

Buy my stuff. 

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