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Finny's Sale - Edge 1.0 Jerseys Size 52

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Hi Folks,

Just coming back on to the board because I need to put some of my jerseys up for sale to anyone interested. Babies in the house now and lots of things to buy.

All jerseys were customized either through Icejerseys or River City. Most purchased in the first season when Edge jerseys were introduced. All in pristine shape, only worn a couple of times at the most.

I will have photos up shortly, if you wish just send me a message and I can email them as well. If serious about a purchase I can quote the shipping ahead of time for you at the post office. Preference is going through Paypal.

1. Authentic Edge 1.0 Jersey - St Louis Blues - Dark - Erik Johnson #6 rookie jersey with "E.Johnson" on nameplate. Done by IJ. Size 52. $150

2. Authentic Edge 1.0 Jersey - Colorado Avalanche - Dark - Paul Stastny #26 (no C or A). Done by River City. Size 52. $150

3. Authentic Edge 1.0 Jersey - Dallas Stars - Dark - Jere Lehtinen #26. Done by River City. Size 52. $150

4. Authentic Edge 1.0 Jersey - Phoenix Coyotes - White - Peter Mueller #88. Done by IJ. Size 52. $150

5. Authentic Edge 1.0 Jersey - Edmonton Oilers - Dark - Sam Gagner #89. Done by IJ. Size 52. $130 (this is the dark jersey with the piping that they initially had worn, not the retro)

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