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Anyone know where to get a U of Hawaii jersey?

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Looking for one of these:


Anyone know if they are available for sale?

P.S. They don't actually have a hockey team.

Thanks in advance.

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That is probably a custom done for a league in Hawaii. They have rinks on Oahu and Maui and leagues.

Your best bet for any Hawaii gear is https://www.uhrainbowtique.com/

But like you said they don't have a hockey team, so there isn't any hockey jerseys listed. You best bet would to be and try to contact a rink and see if they could order you a jersey possibly? It is a shot in the dark but worth a chance if you really want it.


Just put in into google search as well and a blog came up http://www.kaanapalidreamin.com/blog/2011/02/sunday-photo-behind-the-cage.html

In the comments he mentions to another that he purchased the jersey through ebay and included a link to the seller. The jerseys are made by Collosseum and made in a small run only sold through ebay, that is according to the sellers description.

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