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Quick question about places to get a Wild Wing jersey customized. I have purchased an XXL Wild wing jersey and definitely want to get it numbered. I want to put Guy Herbert on it and am looking for a place to trust. It's my first Wild Wing jersey and my favorite of all time besides the Lightning's storm jersey so it is very special to me and I really don't plan on selling it. I want to send it to a place that is reliable and reasonably priced. I know the wild wing had glacier twill and the name was arched so I want a place that can do that for me. My friend and I have discussed a couple places he knows because he has 3 wild wings but I am open to options so I was wondering if you guys know of any places!?

Thanks, Alec

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What places did your buddy tell you? If the three he has look good to you i think it would be safe to send yours to where did

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