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New Features on the IJBB!

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We are testing out a couple of new features here on the IJBB. As some have you may have already noticed, we now have links up on the top menu to IJBB Live Chat, and IJBB Blogs.

The live chat will allow community members to communicate in real time. We hope this will enhance members' ability to initiate lively discussions in a more social manner. The key to the success of the chat room is to keep it clean, friendly, relevant and social. It should be a place where like-minded hockey fans and jersey enthusiasts can feel welcome, whether it is to initiate a lively debate on a relevant topic, or just simply chill.

As for the blog section, we are opening it up to anyone who wants to start a hockey or jersey related blog in the epicenter of the most captive audience for that subject. We also allow users to link to blogs they may be running elsewhere, but we encourage you to start a new one here and help enhance the IJBB community.

The moderating team will be keeping a close watch on how things play out, and we trust that the good people here on the IJBB will help make sure these new features are used in the most productive and enjoyable way possible. We look forward to seeing what you all have to add to the IJBB community.



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