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My Game used/ worn Anaheim (Mighty) Ducks jersey collection

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Ryan Getzlaf Milestone Game used jersey & Goal puck. Ryan scored his 20th goal of the season & 669 career point on March 1st while wearing this jersey. He tied Former Captain Paul Kariya for Second on the Anaheim Ducks all-time scoring list. Jersey has been photo-matched with the wear and tear. Jersey was worn during time period Dec 27-March 3rd.


Photo-match photo: right wrist mark, belly stick mark, and hole on left arm


Belly stick mark, left arm marks and hole


Not a jersey but pretty cool item used during a game. Wild Wing's Stanley Cup 2014 Flag used before a playoffs game. Wild Wing descends from the rafters holding the flag.Once on ice, he skates around waving the flag to kick off the game.


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Incredible! Beautiful job on your displays as well!

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Awesome collection and great room setup. When you add items, how do you adjust the room?

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Incredible! Beautiful job on your displays as well!

Awesome collection and great room setup. When you add items, how do you adjust the room?

Thanks guys for the compliments....

It really depends on the item that I have added to the collection. If it is an essential item, then i will remove non-essential items to make space. It's kinda like playing Tetris. Finding space and moving things around so it fits perfectly. I like having small themed areas like a captain's wall or wild wing's area. It helps reduce the clutter look.

This is the new display I have been working on. It's mostly a captains wall except the Selanne. Even though he was a former captain, the game used jersey doesnt have the C or A on it. The pucks on the shelves is my goal puck collection.


since i added a few more game used jerseys to the collection, i decided to take an updated photo of my collection.


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added a few items the past month:

Ruslan Salei game used jersey worn during the 2005-2006 season (last year Salei was w/ the ducks). Worn for 16 regular season games plus preseason between sept to dec 2005. Great wear and tear. Bunch of marks and repairs. Salei scored his last regular season goal as a member of the mighty ducks in this jersey. Also, the photo the ducks used to pay tribute to Salei is of him wearing this jersey.



D2: The Mighty Ducks Greg Goldberg's Mighty Ducks Goalie Mask used in the third period against Team Iceland.


D2: The Mighty Ducks Greg Goldberg's Team USA Goalie Mask used throughout the film


D2: The Mighty Ducks Greg Goldberg's Team USA jersey with Hendrix patch. The majority of the screenused Team USA jerseys had the hendrix patch removed. A handful of these still have the patch on the left arm.

D2: The Mighty Ducks Averman's Mighty Ducks jersey used during the third period against Team Iceland


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I don't know much about the films, why exactly was the Hendrix patch removed from them? (Just interested. Loved these movies.)

Im not sure why they were removed. I heard different stories: they were planning to reuse them on other jerseys, something about the sponsor, etc etc. Never could get a firm answer.

Added this to the collection:

Game used Ryan Getzlaf Third Jersey from Jersey Reveal Night:

Jersey is signed by Getzlaf and comes with an Anaheim Ducks COA. It has minor wear and a few tears especially on right arm just above the number.

Dates Worn: October 16, 2015

Jersey Facts: The Anaheim Ducks revealed their fifth third jersey in team history. The jersey was worn throughout the game. Getzlaf played injured during the game (which was diagnosed later as Appendicitis).


I also created a website for my ducks game used jerseys, movie props, and goal collection.


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Added this to my game used collection:

Teemu Selanne Stadium Series Jersey worn during Second Period

Jersey Facts: Selanne had four sets of Jerseys for the event. Warmup was given to the NHLPA,

first period was sold at NHL Auction, second Period I own, and Selanne owns the third period jersey.


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very impressive man!

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Hi EvilRocketeer, did you get my PM or mail? Would be awesome if you can help me out regarding the specs and material of the 1994 FGW patch!

Thanks a lot!!!

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i havent been on here awhile and added some more amazing game used jerseys to the collection...here are a few of them that i added...

Captain Troy Loney Inaugural Season Game Used Home Jersey w/ FGW Patch:

First Captain in Ducks history. Only played one season with the organization. Jersey was donated to a local sports museum by Charlie Simmer, Ducks First Announcer. Now it is in my collection. Wear is heavy on back of arms with repairs, some holes, puck marks, and blood marks.

Comes with a Mighty Ducks COA signed by Simmer.

Sami Pahlsson 2003 Stanley Cup Finals Game Used Home Jersey worn during Game 3 & 4:

It was first time in Franchise History the Mighty Ducks made it to the Finals. Unfortunately, the Ducks would lose in 7 games to the New Jersey Devils.

Jersey has good amount of wear. Plenty of stick marks along the arms and crest. It is Meigrey tagged with COA.  Stanley Cup Finals patch on right shoulder.

Dates Worn: May 31st & June 2nd, 2003

Jersey Facts: Pahlsson had an assist on the game winning over-time goal by Steve Thomas in Game 4.


Shawn Thornton 2007 Stanley Cup Finals Game Used Away Jersey worn during Game 3:

Anaheim defeated Ottawa in five games and were awarded their first Stanley Cup becoming the first Californian team and eleventh post-1967 expansion team to win the NHL championship trophy.

Minor Wear. Comes with a Ducks Team LOA. Jersey is signed by Thornton. Stanley Cup Patch on right shoulder.

Dates Worn: June 2nd, 2007

Jersey Facts: The 2007 Stanley Cup jerseys are extremely difficult to come by. The players kept all of their home sets while Beckett Media auctioned the Away sets. Several Players had two away sets and some only had one. Shawn Thornton only had one set.


Ryan Kesler 2015-2016 Game Used Alt. Captain Third Jersey Set 1B:

Comes with an Anaheim Ducks COA. Jersey has great wear and tear.  There is a huge tear on the left arm caused during a fight. (See photo-match and fight video).

Dates Worn: Photo-matched to games on November 11 vs Oilers,  November 27 vs Blackhawks (Roughing Toews), December 6 vs Penguins,  December 22 vs Rangers (Fight T.J. Miller).

Jersey Facts: While wearing this jersey on December 22, 2015, Ryan Kesler and Tj Miller (New York Rangers) were in a fight. During the Fight, the left side of Kesler's jersey tore. He had to remove the jersey before entering the penalty box. The equipment managers quickly taped it up, so he can have it back for his next shift. (See photos)

November 27th:  3rd Star of the Game, Roughing against Toews (see video), assist to Chris Stewart 2nd Period Goal.

December 6th: 2nd Star of the Game, Roughing against Malkin. TOI18:37

December 22nd: Fight with Miller

Ruslan Salei 1999-2000 Game Used Alternate (3rd) Home Jersey Set 2:

This was the last year The Ducks wore the Alternate Home jerseys. NHL 2000 Patch is on the right side of jersey. Jersey was made by Pro Player.

Jersey has heavy wear and tear : stick marks, puck marks,  blood spots, several tears and small holes, etc etc.

It comes with a Mighty Ducks Team Letter and set tag inside.

Fight strap is signed by Salei.

Shea Theodore 2015-2016 Game Used Rookie Third Jersey Set 2:

Screenused Movie prop Jersey: Fulton Reed (Elden Henson) Mighty Ducks Jersey worn during the Eden Hall Jv and Varsity Game

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