It arrived today v. 8.0

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20 minutes ago, OneJerseyMemorabilia said:

You're welcome! 

I think the way that you (and others) choose to buy GI's and the like from MeiGray and re-customize them and/or create jerseys is really the smart way. Between the yearly sales, clearance section and blanks the collectors with an eye for accuracy and doing it right have a field day. 

This one was an exception being that its the first year and the price is higher, but by shopping on their sales, I have routinely bought GI's for $150-180. Saves a little money, anyway. Almost if not all of the previous GI's I bought were white ones, which at the time were otherwise not available at retail. 

Now, of course, MeiGray has blank Edge jerseys for $129 and they sell even cheaper from private sellers on eBay. So buying and stripping Edge gamers right now makes little to no sense, unless you happen to find one that only needs a nameplate change.

As far as the Adidas go, I still need a white one and may well pick up a GI should MeiGray wind up having any available. I have no confidence that Canadian blanks will be available anytime soon. 

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The question now is, do I spend even more and do the same thing to the lightly worn white Prout game worn that MeiGray has?

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