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It arrived today v. 8.0

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Picked this fun one up a little while back. Good to see lots of familiar names around still! Maybe posting another soon, will let you guys know!


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13 hours ago, mdwsta4 said:

Getting on the MIC Blackhawks bandwagon... this jersey will be stripped after the season and turned into a Kane. Aside from the 92 Barberpole and the 15/17 WC I created, this may be my new favorite jersey. It is absolutely fantastic in person! Wish it were smaller, but it is what it is. 




Also picked up Patrick Schule's Northeastern jersey from last season. I had assumed that Bauer simply rebranded the CCM/Reebok jerseys, but this is completely different. The material is kind of like xtrafil found on the shoulders of 1.0 jerseys with patterned underarm areas. It's pretty unique. Original plan was to strip this and turn it into a Sikura, but I need to clean out my NE collection so I'll probably just sell this after the season. 



This photo kind of gives you an idea of the different fabrics used


I got a white version of the Bauer jersey. Am I going to have trouble finding a name bar to match the material?

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