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80s CCM Maska Minnesota North Stars jersey sz. 48 - 250usd


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Hello all,

I'm offering this one for sale.

Asking price 250usd plus shipping. What I've understood that should be a good price. I'd rather make a deal directly with other collectors' than list it on ebay.
But if there's no takers, that where this one will end up.
80s white CCM Maska jersey. Complete with fight strap. Maska tag on neck has 48 written on it with ballpoint pen.
Found this locally here in Finland. Original owner said he bought it in 80s while visiting US. Doesn't remember ever wearing or washing it. Few very light stains from being stored. Nothing that won't come off in wash. Other than that, it's like new. Crisp clear color, no pilling, no holes, no flaws. Amazing condition for 30 year old jersey.
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