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2006 Olympic Jerseys

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I'd also love to have a Team Finland Teemu Selanne jersey

2417229530100337552zOdWZd_th.jpg 2170668620100337552iHeQPT_th.jpg

Click on the pictures to see the larger versions.

I wanted to do a Finland jersey, and have always been a big fan of Selanne, but I also really wanted to do a very "foreign" looking jersey, which meant the player's name had to have an umlaut over at least one letter. Luckily for me. Selanne, excuse me, Selänne has one. The only compromise was his #8 doesn't show off the font used for the numbers nearly as well as, say the #27 of Teppo Numminen, but he's umlaut free, so what can you do?

Now, an in an interesting development, I recently got a 1996 Finnish National jersey, the "waving flag" style worn in the first World Cup and had been planning on making that into a Selanne with the World Cup patch on it, similar to my Russian, Swedish, Czech, American and Canadian jerseys, and then....

I find, get this, a youtube video of the best 5 goals of the 1996 World Championships, where they wore the same style jerseys, featuring good ol' Teemu Selänne wearing #88.


How cool would that be? Even better, I could add some large black "Warsteiner" sponsorship patches to the shoulders that would really stand out.

There's the dilemma, add a missing jersey to the 1996 World Cup Collection, or have a really unique Selänne jersey?

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I am still on the lookout for a white Team Italy swift jersey!

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