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Devilsguy Brand New For Sale Thread

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Starting a brand new for sale thread since my old one pretty much ran its course.  So away we go and feel free to make me reasonable offers on any jersey!

1) Pascal Rheaume 2002-03 Red Set 2 game worn jersey.  Has light-ish wear and comes with Meigray LOA.  A nice cup-year jersey which are getting harder and harder to find for Devils.  Please also note that with the exception of the 2003 finals, no Devils jerseys received either Meigray or Custom Crafted tagging/stamping.  Asking $325 shipped in the US with Paypal as a gift only.




2) Andy Greene 2014-15 Red Set 3 game worn jersey.  Jersey has some good wear including a nice 3-4 inch repair on the right shoulder, some marks/burns and a nice black mark on the nameplate.  Photomatched to 3/29/15 and 4/3/15 games against Anaheim and Montreal, respectively (Getty Image #'s 468539980, 468070868).  Comes with Meigray LOA.  SOLD



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