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Canada #8 Font

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This is bothering me to the point of finally asking if anyone knows why Nike has trouble with the #8 on Team Canada jerseys. It's hard to see on Fabbro's jersey as he only has the single digit on his jerseys, but looking at Dubois, you can clearly see that the #8 is thinner than all other numbers Nike puts on Canada's jerseys. It looks ridiculous to be frank. I included a photo of Strome's arm number to show that the other numbers are all the same thickness.... just not #8.

Does anyone know why? It's not the first tournament I've seen this.

CAN 18.jpg

CAN 18-2.jpg

CAN 19.jpg

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Hate to bring this up but it's happened again. Watch a Canada game with Victor Mete's ice time and you'll see it stand out like a sore thumb. Who does Hockey Canada's customization and why can't they do a #8 in the same thickness as every other number?

Yes, this is bothering me lol

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