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A few odds and ends...

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I'm getting out of collecting, other than a few choice Blues jerseys for wearing to the games.

1. Edmonton Oilers Vintage Authentic.  White (road) that I had stripped, someone made it a Gretzky jersey.  Needs to be steamed to get the outlines out but it's in great condition otherwise.  I can throw in a Airknit nameplate for it as well.  Size 56, retail authentic version not team issued/game worn. $75.00 plus shipping

2. Phoenix Coyotes, size 56 KOHO home jersey.  Was stripped needs cleaned.  $50.00 plus shipping

3. Ottawa Senators, size 56, 1995-1997 season, team issued road jersey (Dark), has never had a name or number sewn on it. Great condition including crest.  $75.00 plus shipping

4. Ottawa Senators, size 54, 1992-1993 season jersey with Stanley Cup 100th Anniversary patch, game issued/used.  Had a #3 and nameplate sewn on but I stripped it.  Needs to be cleaned. $75.00 plus shipping.

5. Ottawa Senators, size 54, 1992-1995 authentic (has CCM authentic neck tag on the inside), stripped and needs to be cleaned. $75.00 plus shipping

6. Calgary Flames, size 54, CCM practice jersey, it's the once with the circle around the crest that says "Center Ice", size 54, team used, has #63 on the back but can easily be stripped. $45.00 shipped plus shipping.

Okay, since photobucket is being a little bit#h about hosting photos, I can text pictures to you.

Payment via PP FF, I can invoice if needed.  Obviously I can combine shipping.  I prefer to ship to the U.S. or Canada only since, well Canada is the birthplace of Hockey, America just made it better....If you're in Europe or one of the other continents we can work something out but it's a PIA to ship to you. 

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