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Cleveland Lumberjacks, Dave Michayluk question

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I just won a Cleveland Lumberjacks game worn jersey on eBay,  Dave Michayluk. 


I am thrilled, I grew up watching the Lumberjacks as a kid   I had a question, its size 48.  Did Dave Michayluk wear that size?  Or is that too small?  I feel like most jerseys I see are 54-58 I  size, but I know this is an older style.  I was a little worried about verifying the authenticity, but I think I got a good price even for a pro style jersey.



I would love to get a black away style one next!



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It's possible. It has the All Sport logo. It is from the 95-96 season. That is the first year for that style, and the only year the logo on the white jersey did not have "Cleveland" at the bottom. That was added for the 96-97 season. And the yellow yoke stripe changed to a darker gold color. Dave wasn't a big guy, so it is plausible that he would have worn a jersey that size. He was an alternate captain, Jock Callender wore the "C". Some of Dave's later jerseys had a big piece of Velcro, and he alternated between the "C", the "A", and nothing. From those pictures, it looks correct, but there should be stick marks all over that thing, because he got slashed and hooked a lot. I was at just about every one of those games, the 2nd season at Gund Arena. IIFC, the IHL switched between white at home to dark at home around the halfway mark of the season, perhaps after January 1. He did miss a chunk of that season, so if it really is a gamer, he may not have worn it much. For the price, I would say you  did well on that. Enjoy! 

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Thanks for that info!

I didn't know when the word "Cleveland" was below the logo or not. I also wasn't sure about the Velcro letters or sewn on letters, that's really cool to hear about!

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