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Cleaning out some odds and ends.  All have been stored in airtight bins, smoke free home and never worn.

Price firm  includes domestic shipping.

US Shipping will be Priority Mail.

Canada Shipping will be cost determined on location and how fast you want it.


GALLERY:  https://www.flickr.com/gp/63369597@N06/Rf91CN


Oilers Home 2007 / Reebok Vector / sz 56 /  Canada 1.0..........$100

Senators Third 2000 / Koho / sz 52 /  Ultraknit Pro MIC..........$125

Sharks Home 2008 / Reebok Vector / sz 58 /  Canada 2.0..........$125

Leafs Away 2011 / Reebok  / sz 56 /  Canada 2.0..........$125

Leafs Home 2011 / Reebok  / sz 52 /  Indo-Edge Authentic........$75




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