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Stain Removers/Laundry Detergent Recommendations?

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Anyone have any recommendations on stain removers sprays or laundry detergent?

I've heard that OxiClean versatile is pretty good but it might not be totally color safe. Anyone tried that one before?

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Dawn dish soap to pre-treat stains. Oxiclean for dark jerseys, Oxiclean White Booster for white jerseys.

This is what I do and it works perfect:

Rub Dawn into any stains you see with your fingernail.  Don't use brushes because it can pull the fabric.

Rinse, than soak the jersey in hot water with the Oxyclean.  You will be amazed at how much grossness will come out in the water.

Rinse again, than machine wash on gentle cycle in cold water, with more OxyClean and detergent.

You will have one very clean jersey!

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