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Shady Character

Wild Wing Vs Burger King Alternate Jersey’s. What’s harder to come by?

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Hey everyone, I was talking the other day to a friend about the scarcity of some of these 3rd alternate jerseys. Whether it be a replica, an on ice authentic or Game Worn, which is the hardest to find? I hardly EVER see the game worn Wild Wing and Burger King gamers. The Tampa “storm” jerseys I’ve owned as many as 7 of the Game Worn ones, only 1 Wild Wing which is a recent pickup and never a BK. Would love to hear yalls thoughts on what you believe to be the hardest alternate to come across. Pics of my Selanne gamer below 




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I'd have to agree, there are some really hard, almost impossible jerseys to get but I have never seen a Burger King available at any price, that has to be the hardest to come by. 

Others that are really hard to come by but I have seen them, just at really, REALLY high prices. 
Ducks Wild Wing
Tampa Storm
Vancouver Salmon

Then there's others that are becoming scarce and the price is starting to go up to crazy $: 
Pretty much All of the TBTC's 
Devil's Christmas tree
Defunct teams, Green N-Stars, Green Whalers, Old style Jets, Nords, 
Heck even the 1st season Hurricanes is hard to find, but those aren't as crazy for prices when they do pop up, also the 1st season Sens that was all black and red.    

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