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Stripping a gamer to put your own name on it... *rant*

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I didn't think I was someone who necessarily cared if you stripped a gamer. Hell, I've done it for scrub players or team issued jerseys. But to strip a photomatched gamer only to put your own name on it?! I guess my tune has changed.


Over the weekend I sold my pair of Jeremy Davies 16/17 Northeastern jerseys. They were game worn and photomatched. Davies has been drafted by the Devils and is part of two Beanpot championship teams. Point being, the kid could go places. The guy I sold them to reached out and let me know he loves the jerseys, is a NE alum, and plans on stripping the jerseys to customize with his own name. Looked through rosters for the last decade and he wasn't on the team. Had I known this was his plan, I probably wouldn't have sold them to him (which is strange for me to say).


I guess this is the same problem I have with people customizing NHL jerseys with their own name. If you don't play for the team, you didn't earn the right to have your name on the back of it. But to strip a game worn jersey to add your own name? Feels like an extra level of tackiness. Of course, at the end of the day, people can do whatever the hell they want with what they own.


*end rant*

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